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The Winning With Weaners™ (WWW) workshop is designed for woolgrowers, and is aimed at improving weaner management of their Merino flock, targeting 95% weaner survival to one year of age. WWW identifies key practical actions and tools for commercial enterprises to implement on farm to achieve this performance aim.

The Sheep's Back and Facey Group invite woolgrowers to attend this workshop at the Wickepin Community Centre on the 30th of August.

WWW assists participants in understanding the key issues affecting weaner survival and performance and guides them through developing targets for growth for this key cohort of sheep. The workshops discuss factors that contribute to weaner mortality and illthrift, and provides practical pathways for improving performance from this group of sheep.

About the workshop:
• Learn about the short, medium and long term impacts of poor weaner management on flock productivity.
• Develop a weaner management plan for your weaners, including setting a target weaning weight, target weights at key times, and feeding options.
• This practical workshop will help you identify key management strategies that will assist you in improving the performance of your Merino weaners, thereby optimising their performance in your flock for their lifetime.

The Sheep's Back and Facey Group are proud to bring this workshop to local woolgrowers. Registration is essential for catering and COVID-19 purposes.

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24 Wogolin Rd, Wickepin WA 6370, Australia

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